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Handmade Genuine Leather Bound Journal 200 Unlined Paper Page Notebook Button Closure

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The authentic natural brown leather with nature themed design gives this journal an artistic, rustic charm. Soft to the touch. Due to the handmade craft, each diary is slightly different. Just like its owner. Every Artist, Writer, or Poet needs a journal that brings out the inspiration, excitement, and originality in them!

Elephant Journal: The Elephant is a well known symbol representing strength, power, wisdom, longevity, stamina, leadership, sociability, nurturance and loyalty. As characters, elephants are most common in children's stories, in which they are generally cast as models of exemplary behaviour. They are typically surrogates for humans with ideal human values. Many stories tell of isolated young elephants returning to a close-knit community.

DIMENSIONS: 7 x 5 inches 100 Sheets of Unlined Paper provide 200 pages front and back (non-refillable) Leather Bound & Button Closure with Emblazoned Elephant. Journals are a great gift for anyone who is passionate about writing and drawing. The canvas pages are heavy and more than 120gsm, making them less likely to ghost or bleed through with most markers. A journal is more than just a simple notepad, it's a companion, someone to share thoughts and ideas with. Free from Judgement. The Elephant portable notebook journal / diary / book of shadows is perfect for carrying around and expressing yourself however you choose! Own yours today!

  • EXQUISITE EMBOSSED ELEPHANT DESIGN - Beautifully crafted hand-made embossed Elephant themed leather journal with ornate embellishments. Made by Kheops International. This cured leather bound journal depicts a magnificent elephant. High Quality and Durable- made for the wanderer and adventurer. EACH JOURNAL IS UNIQUE.
  • HANDMADE EARTH FRIENDLY PAPER- Comes with 100 unlined heavy non-bleed or ghosting canvas paper sheets (200 pages) handmade from recycled cotton and paper. To add a rustic homemade look and feel, the paper is purposely rigid on the edges. The unlined pages make the journal a great sketchbook or artist’s diary.
  • IDEAL TRAVEL SIZE - At 7 x 5 inches, this Elephant journal is a convenient size. Great for carrying around in virtually any backpack or travel bag. Portable yet still easy enough for writing,drawing, sketching, painting, scribing and any other creative writing outlet. Our notebook journal is lighter than a pound as well, making it easy to carry with you anywhere!
  • BUTTON CLOSURE- This genuine leather elephant journal comes with a unique Celtic knotwork decorated button and a leather strap that wraps around the outside to keep the journal closed. You will not have to worry about the pages tearing or bending thanks to the button closure!
  • BOOK OF SHADOWS - Every Witch, Wizard, Wiccan, Druid and Scholar of Magic needs a book of shadows. Record spells, rituals, dreams. Use as a grimoire. Great for sketching Zoology or Magizoology.
  • COMPETETIVELY PRICED - Blank books of similar quality sold in specialty shops and renaissance faires typically run $60-80.