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Elvira Mistress of The Dark Official Mouse Pad with Silicon Gel Wrist Rest

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Official Licensed Elvira Mistress Of The Dark mouse pad with silicon gel wrist rest.  Great for PC or laptop mice.



That's right folks!  The Mistress of the Dark is 69 years old. *air guitar* but Amazon removed the mouse pads from the website because:

This item has been identified as one that is prohibited for sale or listing on Amazon. Amazon does not allow the sale of products that promote child exploitation or depict children or characters resembling children in a sexually suggestive manner. For more information, please refer to the follow seller help page:

I must say, the Mistress of the Dark looks amazing for her age but I find it hard to believe that someone at Amazon thought she was underage.  It's also astonishing to believe one of the largest companies in the world could do something so foolish.

In the mean time, if you're looking for a pretty awesome mouse pad with a gel wrist rest, these Elvira mouse pads are awesome. This has to be the breast design err best design we've ever offered for computer mouse pads.



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