Nerdimports has been selling nerdy things around the world since 1999.  Our first sale was on eBay using the username "scithe" where we sold a Darth Maul action figure from The Phantom Menace.  That was in early 1999 and immediately, the power eminating the retail side was strong in us.  Although it was not until 2005 that we began opening an official store as opposed to just auctions.  In 2013, we expanded our store to Amazon and saw great success.  Over the years we had hoped to have an online store on our own site but there were a lot of barriers in the way.  Time being the hardest barrier.  Thanks to new technologies and new organization, we now have the time and here we are!  If you've bought from us before then you can expect the same customer service and the same honest descriptions.

We sell nerd stuff from:

  • Video Games
  • Movies
  • TV Shows and Anime Series
  • Books including Novels, Graphic Novels or Comics
  • or any medium where something nerdy has been created and then licensed.

So why the "imports" in Nerdimports?  

We got our start selling hard to get collectibles.  A number of those were imported directly from Japan; particularly Final Fantasy figures.  Today, most of our stuff is made outside of the USA.  Though we do have some products that are made in the USA.

Values We Hold Dear:

  • Having inventory in stock when it is advertised as such!
  • Accurate descriptions
  • Shipping in good quality packing materials -- you won't receive that ultra-rare action figure in a flimsy old cereal box.
  • Shipping in a timely manner: usually ships the next business day and we never blackmail you for rush money with the threat of just sitting on your package for a few days.  Do we sound bitter? We just hate when we see that when we are buying something!  Not here, never!
  • Don't sell junk.  We are interested in selling anything if it is nerdy but if the quality is below our expectations then we avoid it.
  • Privacy is important.  We don't sell your personal information. 

For more information on our site you can check out our FAQ

 If you're really bored you can check out our blog where I frequently share cool stuff, complain about movies and shamelessly try to sell our nerd wares!