Frequently Asked Questions

🚚 Shipping

Q: How quickly do you ship after I make a purchase?

A: We're on it! Orders are typically shipped the next business day.

Q: Where are you shipping from?

A: Straight out of Ocala, Florida – the heart of nerd and geek territory!

Q: What shipping methods are available?

A: We primarily use the United States Postal Service for all our wizardry and shipments.

Q: How long until my treasures arrive?

  • USPS Ground AdvantageΒ packages (<13 ounces) usually take 2-5 business days.
  • Want it faster? Opt for Priority Mail upgrade at checkout.
  • Priority Mail typically reaches you in 2-3 days.
  • For our friends in Alaska and Hawaii, please be patient as ground services can be slower.

Q: Can you ship to APO/FPOs and PO Boxes?

A: Absolutely! If USPS can reach it, so can we. Just ensure your address details are accurate.

Q: Do you ship to Puerto Rico, Guam, the Northern Mariana Islands, and the U.S. Virgin Islands?

A: Yes, we do! We're all about spreading the love (and loot) to every corner we can reach.

Q: My package is marked as delivered, but I can't find it. What now?

A: Don't panic! Check with your household first. If it's still missing, contact your local USPS with the delivery confirmation number. They can use geolocation to track it down. If it's a neighborly mix-up, it usually gets resolved in a day or two.

πŸ”„ Returns

Q: I received the wrong item. What should I do?

A: Our bad! If we've sent you the wrong item, we'll cover all costs to set things right. This kind of mix-up is rare, but we're here to fix it swiftly.

Q: What if I don't like the item I received?

A: No worries! You can return unused items, but there will be a restocking fee to cover our shipping costs. Please include all original packaging and tags.

πŸ€” Other Questions

Q:Β Why do some of your product descriptions look the same as on Amazon?

A: We're everywhere – Amazon, eBay, Walmart, Bonanza, and Etsy. We try to create unique descriptions, but sometimes we use the description from our Amazon listing. If something seems off, let us know, and we'll zap it with our correction ray!

πŸ“¬ Contact Us

Got more questions? Our communication portals are open! Contact us here, and Nicholas (our resident nerd-in-chief) will get back to you within 24 hours, unless he's off embracing his inner geek at a convention. We promise a response faster than a warp drive activation!