There's a million and one online stores.  How do you tell the ones that actually sell REAL products from the scam sites and overseas bootleg sites?  I could say we're legit but there's a couple of ways you can mitigate your risk of buying from dubious websites. 

First, do they have any presence on social networks?  We do!  Here's our Instagram page and our Facebook page.  We've also got a Pinterest Page.  We'd really appreciate a follow on any or all of those pages as it does lend credibility to this website.  It is also encouraging to add more to those sites.  We definitely need to post on those more often as you should be wary of buying from a website that doesn't post something at least once a month.  If a website hasn't posted a shameless product promotion at least once in the last 52 weeks, how do you know they haven't given up the business, moved to Cameroon and joined a cult?

Second, have they revealed who is behind the website at all?  So my name is Nicholas Quartz and I am the owner of Nerdimports.  I also really enjoy going to Mardi Gras events especially at Universal Studios in Orlando, FL.  Here's a photo of me in my garb.  Cult leaders from Cameroon don't look this good:

 Nicholas of AKA Beadman

Universal is a special place for me as I've been going since 1998 for Halloween Horror Nights. In 2002 I found out the park is actually open year round and there's other things besides haunted houses!  I met my wife, Megan, at Universal Studios in 2018.  She currently helps me run Nerd Imports and is a constant source of encouragement.  She doesn't like wearing 14 lbs of beads like I do, but the day after we got married, we went to Universal to celebrate and I got her to dress up a little:

Nicholas and Megan at Universal after their Wedding

This is us across from Bruce the Shark between Chez Alcatraz and Richter's.  We're also part of the Single Riders of UOAP, an amazing group of passholders who frequently meet up at the park.  

So I think I have given you enough to believe that Nerd Imports is a real website.  So why buy from us?

Here's a few reasons:

1.  Our products are GUARANTEED to be in stock.

  What's the guarantee?  If we cannot fulfill your order, you'll get a prompt refund and a coupon code for $3 off a future order.  Nothing sucks more than getting really excited to find a cool thingy on the internet, you rush to click pay and wait day after day only to have weeks go by and then you have to start sending e-mails asking "where's my stuff?!"  Screw that!  If we can't send out your order, we'll refund you within 24 hours, try to figure out what the heck went wrong and also send you a coupon code with a 1 year expiration date, which means we're putting our money where our mouths are.  I also include an apology--something else a lot of online stores seem to forget.

2. We ship 5 days a week.

We usually ship between 8 am and Noon EST the next day.  The third person at Nerdimports is my mom, Deb.  She does most of the shipping for the website.  Here's a photo to represent her: 

Either Nicholas's mom or Carmen Sandiego

Oh man, I was talking about how real photos are a must on a website and then I go and grab a photo of Carmen Sandiego from Google!  Our credibility is gone--or is it?  My mom is a boomer and they don't like posting photos of themselves online.  She and I have been online since 1996 and back in our day, anonymity was a big part of the internet.  So you guys are getting real photos for 2 out of 3 of us.  

Anyway, my mom has been helping me ship since 2005 and she's been a full-time employee since 2011.  She takes pride in doing a good job packing.  We almost always ship USPS.  You can read more about our shipping as well as returns on our FAQ.

3.  No Bullshit Gimmicks

I hate when I go to an online store and I'm hit with 20 popup windows asking for my e-mail address or trying to pressure me into buying something.  I want to look for I'm bombarded by requests.  If you aren't annoyed by those prompts and popups then I admire you.  

You also won't see messages about how H. Potter from Surrey has just purchased the item you are looking at.  Amada Hugandkiss from Anytown, USA just bought Aquaman Socks.  Pfft.  Seeing those messages are cheesy.