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Black Velvet OM Tarot Card Bag

Black Velvet OM Tarot Card Bag

  • $ 9.97

Our black embroidered velvet bag has the OM symbol in the center. It also has a drawstring for easy closure. This bag is approximately 7.5 x 5 inches. What does OM mean? Om is an ancient Sanskrit “word” that was first felt by rishis as they meditated. It was more about the essence of Om than the chanting of it. Eventually, as the experience was shared the word came forth, and people started chanting it to get the experience of it. It is somewhat difficult to describe with words, but Om represents everything. It is said to be the seed of all of creation. Just like an acorn seed has the immense power and beauty of a mighty oak tree. This seemingly small word contains all the power of the universe.

  • Black Velvet, OM, Tarot Card Bag

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