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Enchanting Energy Alignment - 60” Chakra Cascade Wall Banner: A New Age Symphony in Color

Size: 12" x 60"
12" x 60"
Color: Black
Product description

Enchanting Energy Alignment - 60” Chakra Cascade Wall Banner: A New Age Symphony in Color

Brighten up a room in your home or yoga studio with a touch of cosmic energy! Our Chakra Wall Hanging is a fan-favorite fusion of mystical charm and vibrant flair. Each of the seven chakra symbols shines brilliantly against a sleek black canvas, cascading down to align your space with the universe's vibes. Crafted from a durable blend of 50% cotton and 50% polyester, this banner brings both zen and zest to any room. The colors aren't just a visual treat—they're a guide to balance and harmony, from the violet crown chakra inspiring universal connection to the grounding red base chakra. Perfect for both meditation corners and bold decor statements, it's no wonder this piece is a best-seller. Ready to hang with included wooden dowels, this 60”x12” banner by Kheops International adds a burst of energy where you need it most. Get yours and let the energy flow!

  • Colorful chakra symbols for a balanced aura
  • Perfect mix of spirituality and style
  • Durable and ready to hang
  • Vivid colors on a chic black background
  • Measures 60 inches by 12 inches
  • Beloved by the spiritually savvy!

What are the 7 chakras and what do they mean?

Discover the rainbow path to inner peace with our Chakra Wall Hanging, where each hue plays a pivotal role in body and spirit alignment. From the regal violet at the crown that connects us to the cosmos, to the grounding red at the base that roots us to Mother Earth, this vibrant tapestry is a visual guide to the chakras and their linked endocrine glands. Indulge in the wisdom of the ancients with the indigo third eye chakra fostering forgiveness, while the expressive blue at the throat empowers your voice. The heart's green glow nurtures love, and the sunny yellow at the solar plexus fuels your inner fire. Dive into the emotional waters with the sacral's orange, and stand firm with the survivalist red. Embrace this spectrum of energy and embrace a more balanced you.

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