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JINX Portal 2 Companion Cube Earrings

JINX Portal 2 Companion Cube Earrings

  • $ 14.88

Oh, Valve. You're the only video game company that could possibly make us fall in love with a benign, mute cube. But how could we not fall in love? It's got a heart right in the center of it! That's why we implore any other cube enthusiasts out there to get these Portal 2 Companion Cube earrings. They recreate the adorable object from the Portal series in fashionable accessories that would make Aperture Science very proud. Just don't throw them in an incinerator... talk about breaking our hearts! - Pair of Earrings

  • Officially licensed by Portal 2; designed and created by JINX
  • Pair of Companion Cube earrings from Portal 2 video game
  • Silver plated alloy; Nickel free
  • Each measures approximately 1/2 inch square
  • Ages 14 and up

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