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Halloween Horror Nights 27 Map Event Guide Universal Orlando 2017 HHN

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This is the complete set of three maps/event guides from Halloween Horror Nights XXV at Universal Studios in Orlando, Fl for 2015. Universal has different maps because on different nights the park closes at different hours and that also affects the show times. There is a map inside that directs you to where all of the haunted houses are.

Maps are in great condition and will be mailed with care.

If you didn't make it to HHN this year, you missed some good houses.  The 25th Anniversary house was my favorite. It was really long and had a lot of homage to previous years and plenty of scares.  The Purge was my second favorite (this seems to be a controversial house as some loved it and some hated it).  I loved it though because they planted scareactors in the lines!  On my first time through this girl walked up from the side and I thought she must have went down a dead end (in my heavy drinking years this happened to me a time or two) so I let her get in front of me.  Then we round the corner and one of the scareactors grabs her and drags her away.  She screams while getting fake stabbed.  Totally awesome!  The other houses were pretty cool too.  Freddy vs. Jason was really popular and the cool part is depending on whether it was the A cast or B cast working, there would be a different winner each time.