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Eye of Horus Slim Fit Bi-Fold Wallet - New - Ancient Egypt

  • $ 16.95
  • Save $ 3

This wallet is the first in our NEW Nerds of the Ancient World collection.  This has been manufactured exclusively for us in the USA!*

  • Measures 4 by 3.5 inches folded and is less than a half inch thick!
  • Bi-fold design
  • Has Slot for Paper Money as well as a Window ID slot and 3 horizontal slots for Credit Cards and two vertical slots.
  • Made of vegan leather.
  • The Eye of Horus design is printed on both sides of the wallet.

The Eye of Horus is also known as the Wadjet, Wedjat, Udjat, Uadjet, Wedjoyet, Edjo or Uto.  Some people have often mistaken the Eye of Horus to be the Eye of Ra.  The Eye of Horus is most often thought of as a symbol of protection.

* I know what you might be thinking, "how the heck are the people trying to push the brand 'Nerdimports' going to offer a Made in the USA wallet? Take a marketing class, bro!"  Well it just so happened that we found a domestic manufacturer that could make a nice quality wallet at an affordable price.  Since we do ship internationally, it is an import for 95% of the world!

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