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Up for sale is the domain name, The site is currently signed up under a paid parking service which means I'm getting paid every time someone visits this domain and clicks a link!

When it comes to coin collecting, the question of cleaning coins is a highly debatable subject.  At the most extreme end of the argument it is believed that even plain water and a rag will ruin a coin.  Yet there are those in the professional grading community that mark coins as "improperly cleaned" or "harshly cleaned" which suggests that there are cleaned coins that have value.  Why shouldn't they?  I'll take a properly cleaned AU-50 over an uncleaned VF-20 any day.  I bought this domain name with the hopes of building a site devoted to desirable cleaned coins.  With my eBay business being more successful now than ever, I don't have the time to develop another website.  Maybe you do?

 I also have other domains available for sale in my store. 

What exactly am I getting?
You are getting full ownership of the domain name only. The actual content of the website is not included. You will need to create that on your own and provide your own hosting. You can sign up with a free domain parking service and collect money while you decide what you want to do!

What are the hidden fees?
None! There is NO TRANSFER FEE to send the domain to your account. If you do not have one, they are free. Domain names do require an annual fee for registration. Think of that like vehicle registrations. If you decide to move the domain from Godaddy to another domain registrar, there may be a transfer fee.

How long will it take to transfer the domain to my possession?
Once I have been paid, I will need your username and the e-mail address you have on file with them. From there I will push the domain. Usually you'll have an e-mail from Godaddy within the same day. Follow the instructions in the e-mail and you should be able to transfer it without problems. I will usually have the push request sent the day I receive payment but 99% of the time, I'll have your domain pushed in 24-48 hours.

Contact Me
The best way to contact me before and after the sale is through eBay mail(Ask Seller a Question). I try to respond to all questions within 48 hours.

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