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Sorry E.T., you won't be stealing my paper currency collection any time soon because I'm using BCW's  semi-rigid currency sleeves to protect my investment!  Up for sale is FIFTY currency sleeves.  These are brand new, unused holders from BCW.  The BCW deluxe currency holder is made from high clarity Double polished clear vinyl and is Designed to store large bills and older US currency.  These will fit banknotes from any country measuring 7 7/8" x 3 1/2" or smaller.  Want more numismatic supplies? Check out my store for more currency cases and other paper money supplies.  I do combine shipping on coin supplies.

- Holds Large Bills Older US Currency
- Crystal clear
- Made of semi-rigid PVC in the USA!

- Exterior 7 13/16 x 3 7/16 



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*Alien Invasion Guarantee
Void in Florida.  Instead all Florida buyers get to pay 6% sales tax.  YAY!!!  For everyone else on planet earth, your collection will be safe from any inter-planetary invasion force.  Should Martians, Europans, Ioans, Centaurians, Crab Nebularians, Andromedans or any of the other known and unknown non-earth entities try to take your collection and succeed simply send your empty sleeves back for a full refund. 
Frequently Asked Alien Invasion Questions
1. The acronym of this area is FAAIQ which could be pronounced, "fake"; does that mean your alien-proof guarantee isn't serious?
A.  I am serious.  If/when aliens invade the earth your paper money will be untouched by the invading armies.  I stand by my money back guarantee.  Please note that this guarantee is by me personally and not by BCW, the manufacturer of the sleeves.  I did extensive research before I felt confident in my claims.  I'm not sure why BCW doesn't advertise their products as alien-proof on the package.  I also note that no where on the package does the word "awesome" appear.  For instance the package could say "Deluxe Awesome Currency Large Bill Holders."  We all know that collecting paper money is awesome.  So why not say so on the package?  I blame it on their ability to continually make good quality products.  They seem pretty focused on this so I've taken the reigns for the alien-proof guarantee.
2.  Suppose the aliens don't invade but simply plan to demonish the earth in order to make an interstellar bypass.  Will my collection be safe if the planet is demolished?
A.  Unfortunately, as awesome and affordable as these sleeves are they may not withstand the force of planetary destruction.  I also wouldn't recommend dipping them into a volcano either.  I'd strongly question the integrity of any seller who would make such guarantees!
3.  If aliens invade the earth will there even BE a postal service?  Do you guarantee that you'll be at your current home location if I pack up food/water and my most valuable earthly possessions along with my empty banknote sleeves and make a pilgrimage to your home.
A.  There's a very long Kevin Costner movie that could possibly answer your question about the postal service.  If my home is leveled to the ground by aliens and I'm forced to become a butler for one of the invaders then I'll be sure to carve my new location into a tree or on some wooden object staked in the ground with a height no less than 30".
4.  Are aliens really planning to invade the earth and take our paper money collection or is this some scare tactic like the bird flu epidemic?
A.  Of all the planets and all the galaxies one cannot be certain of ALL alien intentions.  Mankind has been collecting coins and paper money for as long as both have existed.  It is only logical that other sentient beings would share similar hobbies and collecting banknotes is an awesome hobby.  Therefore it is very likely that invading aliens would be very interested in your collection.