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24 Pack of DC Comics Batman Bat-Signal Projection Flashlight Keychains

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batman and the bat signal

Looking at the photos you are probably thinking, "Where has this been all of my life?"  You aren't alone.  I thought the same thing.  This keychain is a projection flashlight featuring Batman's logo.  That's right--a freakin' Bat-signal in your pocket that you can project at the push of a button!

The best part of selling cool stuff like this is getting to play with it.  So how well does it work? The flashlight projected about a 12 inch tall image from about 4 feet away.  At 10 feet the image is much larger although not as bright in color.  A plain wall works a lot better than curtains.  The flashlight itself is about 3 inches long. 

Included are the four LR41 batteries needed to power the keychain(batteries have no guarantee on life).  You can find replacement batteries all over the internet as they are pretty cheap.  You can also check jewelry gondolas at departments stores, hardware stores and drug stores should also have them.

Can't find LR41 batteries?
LR41 batteries can be interchanged with AG3, SR41, 392A, 392, 384, 192, 92A, GP192, G3, V3GA, V36, V36A, LR736, CX42, and SR41SW batteries.

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