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The World's Greatest Aquaman Men's Active Ankle Socks 3 Pair Bundle -- Pulled From a Giant Clam?!

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These are Aquaman 3 Pair Mens Active Ankle Socks. - 3 Pair Socks

  • Men's Shoe Size 6-12
  • Aquaman 3 Pair Mens Active Ankle Socks
  • 98% polyester; 2% spandex fabric
  • All three pair have different knitted Aquaman designs
  • Extra cushioned sole w/ extra arch support

Where Does He Get Those Wonderful Toys?

I have never really understood how snorkling works. If you're like me, you probably tried out a snorkel when you were a kid and choked on some pool water. Yet people seem to think it's fun to snorkel in the Caribbean. When in Rome, right? So this time I was looking at swallowing salt water! After about 10 minutes had passed, I had only swallowed some salt water once. That's when I spotted it: The biggest clam I've ever seen. Possibly the biggest anyone has ever seen. I dove down and this clam was nearly as wide as I am tall (I'm 6 feet and four inches tall). I struggled to grab it and bring it to the surface. I began to choke as I accidentally inhaled from the snorkle again. In my haste and agitation at this draconian torture device I had voluntarily inserted into my mouth, I ripped that stupid snorkel away while swimming to the surface to get some air and choke up more water. I had to hurry! I was anxious someone would come along and offer to "help" but if this was the world's biggest clam, the world's biggest pearl was bound to be inside!

So I dove down and began to wrestle with that giant shell. Did you see the Mummy movie with Tom Cruise? There's that scene where they manage to drag the giant sarcophagus out of the hole but you don't get to see how (didn't they have it on pallets too?). Just like that movie, I'm going to skip the details of "how" as well. So I'm on shore and after a few hours, I was able to pry open the shell. To my surprise there was no clam inside. And also, no pearl. [Insert disappointed child audience sound]

However, the clam shell was not entirely empty. Inside was a box containing officially licensed Aquaman ankle socks! Bundled into packs of 3 pairs. That clam took everything I had to open and because of that, the clam had been sealed so the socks were never damaged by sea water.

As there might be children or those with pacemakers reading this, I am not going to tell you where I stashed these socks to get through customs and get these socks safely to Florida. But I now have a small quantity available and I'm putting them up for sale. So here's your chance to own the World's Greatest bundle of Aquaman ankle socks. You get 3 pairs of really cool socks. Jason Momoa was a bad ass Aquaman and these cushy bad boys will make you feel like a bad ass too.

Sorry, I am not accepting trades for snorkels. Never again!

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