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These are the "premium" grab bags.  These bags have 20 coins from countries all around the world.  It would be wrong for me to call these unsearched. As I make bags, I try make sure there is variety. I do my best to keep duplicate coins out of the same bag. However, when you buy more than one bag duplicates are possible.

I call these bags "Premium" because with these bags, EVERYONE IS A WINNER! Guaranteed! Every Premium bag has AT LEAST one coin that is 40 years old OR OLDER. These coins I add to the premium bags are purchased separately from the regular world coins I buy in bulk.

The coins were acquired by me through a variety of channels. Sometimes I find deals at flea markets, I've found deals online. I will combine those lots to get a good mix. I am not a coin collector. I do not pull out certain dates. I do not pull out errors or double dies or any coins. Everything stays except tokens. The conditions of the coins vary. Some are shiny and look flawless, others not so nice. I occasionally get a dented coin or a coin that has been drilled through, I put these aside and some day I'll sell those as a junk lot.

Some other coins I've randomly added to really make these Premium bags worth while:

  • Nazi coins from Germany with a swastika on them 
  • Ancient Bronze coins from Rome and Byzantium
  • Celtic Ring money from the 5th century BC
  • Old colonial coins from what is now the United States (pre-1776 coins)
  • SILVER coins! Not silver color but coins made of real silver!
  • Proof Coins

There are no U.S. coins.  You may find coins from OVER 150 COUNTRIES!  This includes Europe, Asia, Africa, North America, Central America, South America, The Middle East, The Caribbean, Australia and many more! If a country has a coin, it could be in this lot!

BUY 3 BAGS FROM MY PREMIUM COIN AUCTIONS AND GET 1 BAG OF PREMIUM COINS FREE! (This is limited only by my supply, so buying 6 bags gets 2 free, buying 30 bags gets 10 free!)

BUY 5 BAGS OF PREMIUM COINS OR MORE AND RECEIVE A COIN THAT IS 100 YEARS OLD OR OLDER (1908 or earlier).  This is in addition to the freebie bags you get for every 3 bags bought.

Just to clarify, free bags are FREE!  This means no charge for shipping either--even if you live overseas.  You do not need to buy the free bag, it will be automatic.  So if you buy 3 bags then you'll get 4 bags.  If you buy 4 bags then you'll get 5 bags.

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